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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Schedule Change for 2014 Membership Exhibit

Please change your calendar!

There has been a schedule change for our upcoming MAA Membership Art Exhibit!!

Because of a scheduling conflict, the library is no longer able to allow us to have our Massena Artists Association Annual Membership art exhibit on the dates we originally planned.   Everything needs to be moved back one week. 

Our exhibit schedule is now:

    Hang show – Saturday, November 8, 10:00 am.
        Reception – Wednesday, November 12, 6:30 pm (the library is closed for Veterans Day on Tuesday, the day we normally schedule receptions.)
    Pick up work – Saturday, November 22

I received a phone call from the library this morning, saying that there is a concert by Martha Gallagher, the Adirondack Harpist, in the main reading room at 2:00 pm on November 1, the day we were originally scheduled to hang the show.  They expect a big crowd; there isn’t room for all the people and the exhibit.  Apparently they have 2 calendars, and the person who scheduled the concert was using a different calendar than the one they wrote our exhibit on.  The harpist has a very full schedule, and it isn’t possible to reschedule her. 

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.  Please mark your calendars now, so that no one makes an unnecessary trip here on the 1st. 

The good news is:

    1.  You have an extra week to prepare for the show, finish framing your work, etc.

    2.  You have the opportunity to hear a great concert of beautiful music.

    3.  The reception no longer interferes with any election day activities you might participate in.

If you know of anyone who might not be on our mailing list but who might plan to enter the show, please let them know about the change.  Again, I apologize for the mix-up.


Dot Badger
MAA President

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Membership Show Information

    Massena Artists Association
    Annual Membership Show

    November 4-14, 2014

The Massena Artists Association will be holding their Annual Membership Art Exhibit at the Massena Public Library from November 4 through November 14, 2014.

Please deliver your work to the library at 10:00 am on Saturday, November 1.  The Opening Reception will be Tuesday, November 4 at 6:30 pm.  Take Down is Saturday, November 15.  Please do not bring in work any later than 11:00 am on the day we hang the show.  We will not rearrange the entire exhibit to accommodate a late arrival.  Also, please do not remove your work before the day scheduled for take down.  It is very inconsiderate of the public when they come in during the last few days scheduled for an exhibit if they find that several of the pieces are missing.

This is a membership show, meaning that only MAA members are eligible to enter.  (All artists – including student and novice artists – are welcome to join MAA.)  A judge will determine the award winners, but all pieces entered will be exhibited.  All subjects and all media are welcome.

Two dimensional work must be framed and have a wire attached for hanging.  Works on paper should be matted and framed under glass or plexiglass to protect the surface of the work.  Larger work should be glazed with plexiglass to reduce the weight and fragility of the work.  Work may be no larger than 40 inches in either dimension.

Each artist may submit up to 3 pieces.  Each piece must be accompanied by a $1.00 entry fee.  Work may be for sale.  MAA will receive a 25% commission on any work sold as a result of the show, so price your work to include the commission.  Persons interested in purchasing any artwork should contact the artist directly to make arrangements to pick up and pay for the work after the exhibit is over.

Please fill out a file card and an identification card  for each entry.  Attach the ID card to the back of each piece.  (It will simplify things on Saturday if you do this ahead of time.)

If you have any questions, call Cecilia Dewey at 769-6210, or Dorothy Badger at 769-5571.

Membership Show Application

    Massena Artists Association
    Membership Show Application

Registration Card #1

Name ________________________________________________





Price______________________Value( if NFS)_______________

Age (if 16 or under_______________________


Fasten to Entry #1

Name ________________________________________________





Price_______________________Value (if NFS) ______________

Age (if 16 or under)_____________________________________


Registration Card #2

Name _________________________________________________





Price______________________Value (if NFS)_________________

Age (if 16 or under) _______________________________________


Fasten to Entry #2






Price_________________________Value (if NFS)________________

Age (if 16 or under) ________________


Registration Card #3






Price_________________________Value (if NFS)_________________

Age (if 16 or under) _____________


Fasten to Entry #3

Name _____________________________________________________





Price___________________________Value (if NFS)_________________

Age (if 16 or under) _____________

Schedule for 2014-15

    Schedule for 2014-15

Meetings are held at the Massena Public Library at 6:30 pm on the second Tuesday of every month from September through May.

Meeting Schedule:

    September 9
    October 14
    (No meeting November 11.  Library closed for Veterans Day)
    December 9
    January 13
    February 10
    March 10
    April 14
    May 12
Exhibit Schedule:

    Membership Show:

        Deliver work and hang show – Saturday, November 1, 10:00 am
        Reception and awards ceremony – Tuesday, November 4, 6:30 pm
        Pick up work – Saturday, November 15

    Juried Show:

        Receive work:    Saturday, January 24, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
                    Thursday, January 29, 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm
                    Friday, January 30, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
        Judging:        Saturday, January 31
        Hang Show:        Saturday, February 7 – 10:00 am
        Reception and Awards Ceremony:     Tuesday, February 10, 6:30 pm
        Pick up work:        Saturday, February 28

Spring Show:

    We will decide later if our Spring Show will be another open exhibit, or a themed exhibit.  Both have been popular in the past.  Dates will be decided later.

Other Activities:

    To be determined later.  We may sponsor exhibits by individual artists, small groups of artists, or classes.  We may participate in community activities.  We probably will have a pot luck picnic at a member’s home in June. 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

What is a Juried Art Exhibit?


    A juried art exhibit is an exhibit in which judges decide which pieces of art are included in the show, as well as which pieces receive awards.


    We hire different judges every year.  We require them to be professionals,  which means they should  have a degree in art, and they must earn their living in the art field.  Some may earn their living solely from selling their creations, while others may be art teachers, or directors of a gallery, museum or arts council.  We expect them to be proficient in creating art in at least one of the media that we exhibit, and knowledgeable about all the other media.  They can not be MAA members, and they shouldn’t live in Massena.  (We want them to live close enough to have a reasonable distance to drive in February, but far enough so they don’t know many of our exhibitors.)


    They receive a small stipend, plus we buy their lunch on the day they are here.  They’re really doing us a favor by agreeing to judge, because they could earn more by spending the day in their studio than they do by coming here.


    That’s the $64,000 question.  Every judge is different.  Some of the factors they consider may be composition, skillful use of the materials, use of color, perspective, accuracy, creativity and originality.  Some may value using classic technique for each medium, while others may value the creative use of those same media.  Most insist on accurate perspective, but some find primitive work charming.  One judge may reject a piece, while next year’s judge may give it an award.  They will usually ignore or reject a piece if they suspect it’s not the artist’s original work.  (See page 2, “Original Art.”)  Since the majority of our artists do realistic work, we attempt to find judges who prefer to work in that genre themselves.


    The decision of the judges is final.  They’re the professionals.  We never try to override them, whether we agree with them or not.  There are usually some decisions that we wonder about, but we always accept them.


    We give them guidelines, primarily about the amount of display space we have available, and how many pieces we have room to hang.  We ask them to accept as many pieces as possible. 
And we ask them to be lenient with work submitted by children.

Original Art


    All work submitted to the Massena Artists Association’s Annual Juried Art Exhibit must be original.  So just what do we mean by “original art.?”

    Essentially, it means that you, the artist, must be the sole creator of the work.  The composition of the piece must be yours, and you must also produce the work.

    There was a controversy at a recent exhibit when a copy of a Bob Ross painting received an award.  Although it was attractive and very skillfully produced, it was not the artist’s original composition, and many feel that it should not have been considered for an award. 

Are “program paintings” original art?

    No.  There are several talented artists who have produced interesting and informative TV programs on art.  Many give step-by-step directions on how to reproduce their original compositions.  It is possible to buy books, videos, and DVD’s that allow the student to follow the steps at their own pace.  No matter how skillful you become, if you produce artwork by this method, it’s not your original work, and should not be entered in a juried show. 

What about class projects?

    Maybe.  It depends on the class.  There are instructors who become certified by the TV artists to teach their specific methods.  If you have taken a class where the instructor leads you step-by-step through the production of a copy of his work, (or of the TV artist’s work) then the product is not your original composition, and should not be entered..

    However, if the instructor demonstrates certain techniques, then tells you to paint something using that technique, the product is your own creation.  Even if he sets up a still life for you to paint, or tells you, “paint that birch tree in the yard,” you still make many decisions about the composition, the paints you use, how to mix the paints, how much of the background to include, etc.  Everyone in the class will have a different interpretation of the same subject, and you will all have original paintings, even though they are similar.

What about reference material?

    It depends.  Very few artists know enough about animal anatomy to paint an animal without looking either at the animal or at a good photo of one.  Unless you paint outdoors,  you probably will  need reference material to paint a particular scene or building.  If you’re using a photo you took yourself, there’s no problem.  But don’t make a copy of someone else’s work, whether it’s a famous painting, or a pretty picture you found on a calendar.  Copying someone else’s work may be a helpful learning tool for students, and if you like the product, you may hang it on your own wall.  But it’s not acceptable to claim it as your own work, or to enter it in a juried art exhibit. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Membership Application

    PO Box 571, Massena, NY 13662

    Membership Application

Date:_______________________            Phone:______________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________    E-Mail:_____________________________

Type of Membership (Mark one)

    Single                $15.00            All Memberships are now due
    Family              25.00            in September!
    Student              10.00
    Senior (62)              10.00
    Business              50.00
    Corporate             100.00

    Please take a moment to answer the following questions:

What medium do you work with?__________________________________________________

Will you display your work in our shows? ___________________________________________

Are you interested in a one person show? ____________________________________________

Can you attend monthly meetings? _________________________________________________

Can you work on shows? _________________________________________________________

Are you interested in “Tips & Techniques” at our meetings? _____________________________

What type would you like to see?  Speakers? Demos? Films? Discussions? _________________

What can the Massena Artists Association do to serve you better? ________________________


    Please return your check to the Association
    Any questions?  Call Dorothy Badger at 769-557l or Cecilia Dewey at 769-6210